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Our Materials

Organic. Ecological. Recycled. Up-Cycled. That's it.

By carefully selecting partners that are change makers in the industry, we want to build a community of brands and people that support transparency, ethical behaviors & care about the environment.

We team-up with brands that change practices and all together we share the mission to bring sustainability as a standard.


 This biological cotton ensures to a respectful clothing not only for your skin but also to the environment. They are cultivated without any pesticides, GMOs or chemical fertilizer.


When cars need to be scrapped, everything goes with, even the brand new airbag, never used. This product comes with the intention to give a new life to a material that is no longer useful. Some brands re-use it cleverly for its strong, sturdy and reliable texture. After saving you, airbags are now saving the environment. Further to that "re-car" is a vegan fabric as well.


More than bottle stoppers, the cork is a great sustainable product from cork trees that grow without inputs such as pesticides, irrigation or pruning requirement. The materials use for clothing come from the outer layer of their skin – Which does not harm the tree in any way. This material is 100% natural, fresh and water resistant.


Keeping plastic out of landfills. Recycled polyester comes from plastic bottles mostly or old garments. They are composed of nylon and polyester and its production is made in a sustainable way to avoid any waste of water or energy. 
This material is able to any weather as it is resistant.


Tencel is the new generation of eco-fibers. This is a natural and extremely sustainable fiber coming from eucalyptus cellulose that procures a refreshing effect on the skin. The production is environmentally friendly.


This leather is animal cruelty-free and made from pineapple leaf waste. It's a very fun and durable product, that is biodegradable.


This leather is tanned in a natural process – without the use of harmful chemicals, that makes it biodegradable. The advantage of this leather is that the more it gets old, the more it’s beautiful. The products are made to last for decades.


A beautiful up-cycling story. How to create values from negative to positive materials. 
 This material corresponds to old bombs from Laos lands during the Vietnam war.
It's Used by Article22 for their jewelry made by Laotian Craftsmen.


At the opposite of conventional linen, this organic material is cultivated without using substances like pesticides, chemical fertilizer or genetically manipulated seeds. That allows to clothes to be lighter, more soft and resistant against dirt. 


One of the materials used in a very long time, you can’t get disappointed by it. They are composed of nylon, cotton, and polyester and its production avoid waste of water or energy. This material is able to any weather as it is resistant and fresh.


Polyester’s fiber can be recycled thanks to plastic bottles. This method reduces significantly the energy consumption and CO2 and it allows you to recreate materials almost indefinitely: the fabrics can be recycled many times without losing quality!


This comes from old garments that have been recycled or up-cycled. A good way to re-use something that did not say it last words.

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