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Brand selection

Our Mission is to find nice brands with great values and to gather them in our online boutique!

By carefully selecting partners that are change makers among the industry, we want to build a community of brands and people that support transparency, ethical behaviors & care about the environment.

We team-up with brands that change practices and all together we share the mission to bring sustainability as a standard.

For each product, we investigate to know the composition, the materials, the location of manufacturing, the way of production, the fabrication process and on the top of that how garments workers & employee are treated.

All along the supply chain.
In our point of view, transparency is the key of sustainability, that leads to better choices.
For us there is no sacrifice between style, ethics & sustainability.
We have strong values in life and we also like nice things...
And we're sure you do.

We want to combine style with ethics and values.
We promote creativity & timeless fashion products
that we can keep & love longer.

Each of our brands have been selected meticulously. It needs to fulfill our precise criteria, in terms of:
style | price | ecological impact | raw materials | respect for regulations.

They must respect these criteria through the entire supply chain.

We know how challenging it is to change practices and it's why all of our brands are complementary to each others.

Our e-shop offers a nice selection of modern brands for men & women. All of them have their very own criterias & benefits. Nevertheless all our brands share two common objectives, creating ecological products not harmful for the planet & ethically made to respect the workers.

At Klow we believe that there is no choice to make between ecology & ethical behaviors while purchasing cool fashion outfits.
We combine all of that. We're Klow.

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